Destination romance: Cambridge Beaches *Photo supplied
Destination romance: Cambridge Beaches *Photo supplied
It has been kept under wraps - perhaps understandably hidden from the public eye - but a small corner of Bermuda is slowly becoming a haven for nudists.

Guests at the Cambridge Beaches resort are being invited to step onto the Sky Deck terrace, where "clothing is optional". That area of the cottage complex is proving very popular, "particularly with Italians," according to those who work at the resort.

As part of Cambridge Beaches' push towards an adult-only market, the resort has once again invited world famous sexologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz to host seminars and courses aimed at improving couples' relationships. Author Dr. Schwartz, who has appeared on Oprah and other chat shows, will be at the Sandy's resort throughout February to help couples make the most of their Valentine's break. Sex advice and "relationship wellness" books are also left in guest rooms and in various parts of the spa.

The Bermuda Sun has written about the resort's sex seminars before but it is the Sky Deck terrace that is the most radical break with conservative tradition in Bermuda, where topless bathing is virtually unknown and official law still dictates the correct length of a man's shorts. Louise Palmer, Director of Spa, said that the resort is within its rights because it is private land. She said: "There are signs before you get to the terrace warning guests that clothing is optional. It is entirely their choice; guests can still use the terrace clothed. But many of our guests have appreciated the option; our Italian guests, particularly, have been very open to it. A lot of our other European visitors too; the English have embraced it. We've had no adverse comments from guests at all."

The Sky Terrace is set above the resort's main pool; it is possible to look down into the pool but a screen and landscaping make it impossible to look the other way. Boats and bathers in Mangrove Bay will also be unable to spy on those using the Sky Deck. Cambridge Beaches is offering a range of packages aimed at couples. One is called Sensual Journey, which begins with aphrodisiac-heavy breakfast in bed and continues with a couple's massage, replete with silk and feathers. Other packages include champagne picnic lunches in a secret garden, blindfold food tasting and moonlit dining on the beach. During certain times of the year, couples can choose to take workshops with Dr. Pepper, after which she will set "homework."

Mike Winfield, president of Cambridge Beaches, was unavailable for comment when we tried to reach him yesterday, but he previously told Canada's "I believe people who have been in a relationship for some time are perfectly capable of being romantic. They may need a little help, a little inspiration.

"Why is it that people will go to a golf clinic to improve their game, but won't go to a relationship seminar to improve their relationship?"

Locals who want to use Cambridge Beaches' facilities, including the Sky Deck, can become a member of the Cambridge Club.

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